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Jalisco, officially called Free State and Sovereign of Jalisco is one of the thirty-one states that, together with Mexico City, form the United Mexican States. Its capital and most populated city is Guadalajara. It is located in the western region of the country, bounded on the north by Nayarit, Zacatecas and Aguascalientes, northeast by San Luis Potosí, east by Guanajuato, south by Michoacán and Colima, and west by the Pacific Ocean. With 8,783,830 habs. In 2018 it is the third most populated state - behind the State of Mexico and Veracruz - and with 78,599 km², the seventh largest, behind Chihuahua, Sonora, Coahuila, Durango, Oaxaca and Tamaulipas. It was founded on June 16,1823.

It is part of the macro region of Bajío Occidente or Centro Occidente de México Many of the traditions considered worldwide to be "characteristically Mexican" have their origin in Jalisco, such as mariachis, tequila and jaripeos. The climate in the state ranges from warm subhumid to temperate semi-dry, highlighting the semi-warm subhumid with summer rains. With the entire lowland region, it is one of the states with the greatest development and economic, commercial and cultural growth. It is divided into 125 municipalities. The Metropolitan Zone of Guadalajara has a total population of more than 5 million inhabitants, composed of the municipalities of Guadalajara, Zapopan, Tlaquepaque, Tonalá, Tlajomulco, El Salto, Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos, Zapotlanejo and Juanacatlán, making this the second agglomeration largest urban area in Mexico, after the capital.

Other important cities are Puerto Vallarta, San Juan de los Lagos, Tepatitlan de Morelos, Lagos de Moreno, Ameca, Ocotlan, La Barca, Atotonilco el Alto, Arandas, Cocula, Autlan de Navarro, Tala and Ciudad Guzmán.