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Atotonilco el Alto

Atotonilco el Alto is a city in the Southern Region of the state of Jalisco, popularly known as "Los Altos de Jalisco", where this town is called "La Puerta de Los Altos". Likewise, given its exuberant vegetation, it is recognized as "El Vergel de Jalisco". It limits to the north with Tepatitlán de Morelos and Arandas, to the south with Ocotlán and the Barca, to the east with Ayotlán and to the west with Tototlán. Atotonilco is characterized by being a leader in different sectors, since at the national level it has the third place as producer of tequila of the best quality and is the main producer of Persian lemon in the state.

Due to its location, Atotonilco is an important trade center of the region, being an intermediate point between Guadalajara, La Piedad, Ocotlán, La Barca and the city of León, constituting with this last point an important transit through the Alteña Region to which belongs In addition to having very cool and rooted traditions among its population. It has an area of ​​638.15 km² and its total population is 60,480 with a density of 78.6 inhabitants per m².