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Jamay is a municipality of the state of Jalisco in Mexico. Jamay is also the municipal capital, located between the Ocotlán-La Barca highway. It is located in Ocotlán, 9 km away, and La Barca, 16 km away. The etymological meaning of its name Jamay, Xaiman, Xamayan, is quite discussed. Some interpretations that have been made of its name are: Place of the king Amulteca Xama. Or place where adobes are made. It limits to the north with the municipality of Ocotlán, to the south with the state of Michoacán, to the east with the municipality of La Barca, to the west with that of Ocotlán and with the lagoon of Chapala. The professional soccer player Daniel Jiménez is a native of this municipality.

The celebrations of Jamay are to the Virgin of the Rosary in the parish, San Antonio, San Isidro, the virgin of Guadalupe in "the chapel", Santa Maria Magdalena and the Divine child, However the best known is Corpus Christi, it is the most represented although it is not the official one.