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El Grullo is a municipality of the State of Jalisco. Its name comes from the abundance of a certain semiaquatic grass called "Grullo" in the marshy lands that once existed in this region. This grass gave name to the hacienda "zacate grullo" established at the beginning of this place. After the agrarian reform is when the landowner disappears and becomes a municipality, putting the article "EL" that finally gives the name as we know it. It should be noted that there are no records of sightings of cranes in the area and that, generally, it causes confusion among the inhabitants when it comes to explaining the origin of the name of our land. El Grullo is located southwest of the State of Jalisco.

It belongs to the Sierra de Amula region, being this municipality the head of the Region. Its extreme coordinates are from 19°41 '30' 'to 19°53' 50 '' north latitude and from 104°19 '35' 'to 104°53' 50 '' west longitude. With an average height of 800 meters above sea level. Currently El Grullo belongs to the Metropolitan Area formed by the municipalities of Autlan de Navarro and El Limon, which covers a total of 1,017 km² with a total population of 90,263 inhabitants.