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Missouri is one of fifty states that, together with Washington DC, make up the United States of America. Its capital is Jefferson City and its most populous city, Kansas City. It is located in the Midwest region of the country, Northwest Center Division, bounded on the north by Iowa, on the east by the Mississippi River that separates it from Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee, on the south by Arkansas, on the southwest by Oklahoma, on the west by Kansas and to the northwest with the Missouri River that separates it from Nebraska. He was admitted to the Union on August 10,1821, as the 24th state.

The nickname of the state is the Door to the West, or the State Show Me, in reference to an expression of a political representative of the state. The abbreviation of the United States Postal Service for Missouri is MO and the main branch of the public state university is located in Columbia. The Missouri River and the Mississippi are the two main rivers that flow through this state. Missouri gets its name from the name given to the missouria a Sioux language group that were called ouemessourita, by the Miami-Illinois. The USS Missouri warships were named in honor of this state. On the cover of the USS Missouri the surrender of Japan was signed at the end of World War II.