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San Marcos

The Department of San Marcos is located in the southwestern region of Guatemala. Its territorial extension is 3,791 square kilometers. It limits to the north with Huehuetenango, to the south with the Pacific Ocean and Retalhuleu, to the east with Quetzaltenango. And to the west with the Mexican state of Chiapas. The departmental capital is located at a distance of 252 kilometers from the capital city of Guatemala. In September 1897, after the failure of the Central American Exposition and the serious economic crisis that Guatemala was facing after the fall of the international price of coffee and silver, a group of revolutionaries took up arms in order to seize several institutions and avoid that the ruler remained in power.

On September 7, the day the revolution broke out, the rebels advanced against San Marcos, taking the head. On September 15, the revolutionary forces proclaimed their victory and took Ocós, Colomba and Coatepeque, but on October 4 the army counterattacked and regained control ending the revolution. President Reina Barrios was originally from San Marcos, and in retaliation on October 23,1897, he moved the head of the department to San Pedro Sacatepéquez. On October 25,1902, the region was destroyed by the eruption of the Santa María Volcano On November 8,2012 the town suffered a strong earthquake that damaged western Guatemala and severely affected the infrastructure of the town.