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Panama is a country located in the southeast of Central America. Its official name is Republic of Panama and its capital is Panama City, bounded on the north by the Caribbean Sea, on the south by the Pacific Ocean, on the east by Colombia and on the west by Costa Rica. It has an extension of 75420 km², located on the isthmus of the same name, a strip that connects South America with Central America, its mountainous territory is only interrupted by the Panama Canal basin, the interoceanic road that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean. Its condition as a transit country made it an early meeting point for cultures from all over the world.

The country is the geographic scenario of the canal, a work that facilitates communication between the coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and that significantly influences world trade. Its current population at 2019 is 4 567 310 people. Politically, its territory is constituted by 10 provinces and by five indigenous districts since 2014. According to the Panamanian Constitution, Spanish is the official language of the country and all Panamanians have the duty to know it and the right to use it. In 2006, the mother tongue was 93.1% of Panamanians, while other languages, also Panamanian, are recognized in the educational system in diverse communities where the indigenous population is the majority. Due to its geographical position, it currently offers the world a wide platform of maritime, commercial, real estate and financial services, including the Colon Free Zone, the largest free zone in the continent and the second in the world.

With a population of more than four million inhabitants, it has a privileged position in several classifications of growth and development in Latin America, such as the 2018 human development index. Panama is the third most competitive country in Latin America after Chile and Costa Rica according to the World Economic Forum, but also the Latin American country with the highest economic growth. The country is cataloged in absolute terms, that is, without taking into account the distribution of wealth with the US dollar as official currency.