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Colón is one of the 10 provinces of the Republic of Panama. Its territorial extension is of 4,868.4 km². Its population is 241,928 inhabitants and its density is 46.7 inhabitants per km². The northern section of the Panama Canal is located on its territory. It limits to the north with the Caribbean Sea, to the south with the provinces of Panama, Panama West and Coclé, to the east with the District of Guna Yala and to the west with the province of Veraguas.

The province of Colon is located in the Caribbean at the entrance to the Panama Canal, only 55 minutes by road from the Pacific, it is the main port for the traffic of almost all merchandise imported and re-exported from the country. In importance, Columbus is the second city of the Republic, but for its trade, could well boast of being the capital of the hemisphere.