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Kentucky, officially the Commonwealth of Kentucky, is one of fifty states that, together with Washington DC, make up the United States. Its capital is Frankfort and its most populous city, Louisville. It is located in the South region of the country, Southeast Center division. Bordered on the north by the Ohio River that separates it from Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, northeast by the Big Sandy and Tug Fork rivers that separate it from West Virginia, southeast by Virginia, south by Tennessee and west by the Mississippi River that separates him from Missouri. He was admitted to the Union on June 1,1792, as the 15th state.

Although the center of economic activity is the manufacture of industrialized products and tourism, much of the state is predominantly rural, with agriculture as the main source of income. Income. Previously, it was believed that the origin of the name of the state came from an Amerindian word, meaning "dark and bloody hunting ground," because the native tribes that lived in the region hunted within the dense forests of the state, and because often These tribes fought with each other in these forests, however, it is currently believed that the word Kentucky can be attributed to numerous indigenous languages, with several possible meanings.

Some of these meanings are "land of tomorrow","land of sugar cane and turkeys" and "prairie." The region where Kentucky is currently located was originally colonized by settlers in the British colony of Pennsylvania in 1774, but became controlled by Virginia during the War of Independence of 1776, and became the fifteenth US state to join the Union, on June 1,1792. Kentucky is a land with diverse environments and abundant resources. It has the longest cave system in the world, the largest length of currents and navigable channels in the continental United States, the two largest artificial lakes east of the Mississippi River and the most productive coal deposit in the country. Kentucky is known worldwide for its thoroughbred horses, horse races, bourbon distilleries, bluegrass music, tobacco and its college basketball teams.