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Huánuco is one of the twenty-four departments that, together with the Constitutional Province of Callao, form the Republic of Peru. Its capital and most populated city is the homonymous Huánuco. It is located in the center of the country, bounded on the north by La Libertad and San Martín, on the north and east by Ucayali, on the south by Pasco, on the southwest by Lima and on the west by Áncash. It was founded on January 24,1869. In most of its territory, it comprises a portion of the eastern slope of the Andes mountain range crossed by the Marañón and Huallaga rivers and a part of the Amazonian plain to the east in the province of Puerto Inca.

The southwestern third corresponds to the region of the sierra, while the rest of the department is covered by the Amazon rainforest. It receives its name in reference to its capital and regional headquarters: the city of Huánuco, founded on August 15,1539.