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Morelos is one of the thirty-one states that, together with Mexico City, make up the United Mexican States. Its capital and most populated city is Cuernavaca. It is located in the central region of the country, bounded on the north by Mexico City, on the east by Puebla, on the south by Guerrero and on the west by the State of Mexico. With 4893 km² it is the second least extensive state - ahead of Tlaxcala - and with 363.22 inhabitants / km², the second most densely populated, behind the State of Mexico. It was founded on April 16,1869.

To the north of the state, bordering and serving as a natural frontier with Mexico City, a portion of the Neovolcanic Axis is located, from which the sierras of Zempoala, Tres Marías, Tepoztlán, Tlayacapan and Tlalnepantla, most of the territory of the state is included in the Depression of Balsas. In the northeast is the Sierra Nevada, whose main elevation is the Popocatépetl volcano, from which the Chalma and Ocuilan mountain ranges start, which connect with the mountains of the state of Guerrero. The main rivers are the Rio Grande, the Tepalcingo River and the Amacuzac River that bathes the Tehuixtla fields. Among the main lagoons stand out the El Rodeo lagoon, Zempoala lagoons, the Coatetelco lagoon and the Tequesquitengo lagoon.