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The Heroic and Historical Cuautla, previously also called Ciudad Morelos, is a Mexican city, head of the municipality of Cuautla and central city of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Cuautla. It is the second most important city in the state of Morelos. Cuautla has a population of 189 207 inhabitants. Its metropolitan area has a population of 434 147 inhabitants, being the second most important in the state only surpassed by the metropolitan area of ​​Cuernavaca. In 2012 the title of: Heroica Ciudad De Cuautla, Historical Capital of Morelos was approved by the local congress.

On November 28,2012, the then president of Mexico Felipe Calderón, in one of his last public acts as a national agent, signed a decree in the old railway station, located next to the Ex-convent of San Diego, in full center of Cuautla, where he named the city as "Historical Monuments Zone of the Heroic and Historic City of Cuautla".