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Tepoztlán is a patrimony of the north of the state of Morelos, in the center-south of Mexico. The town functions as a government seat of the municipality of the same name. The capital has a population of 14,130 inhabitants, while the municipality has 46,946 inhabitants, according to the 2017 census. The town is a popular tourist destination, due to its proximity to Mexico City and its very pleasant climate. It is famous for the remains of the pyramid built on the top of the mountain Tepozteco, and also for the exotic ice cream prepared by the people of the town, as well as their crafts.

Tepoztlán is considered a mystical place for its legends and traditions that are still respected by the inhabitants themselves, many people visit it since the whole year is full of festivities that people do depending on the neighborhood where they live. One of the most anticipated festivities is the Day of the Dead in which people go out with their children to "ask for calaverita" wearing a traditional chilacayote in the shape of a skull. Another of the destinations that makes Tepoztlán famous is "el Dado", a rock ledge in the shape of a cube that is part of a hill located in Meztitla. At the foot of the hill, there is an area for camping controlled by ranger and rescue teams to prevent any accident. Next to "the Dado" there is another slightly smaller salient to which the people of the town and especially the tourists call "el Dadito" this one also has a cube shape, however, it is not clearly appreciated.

In this area, mountain activities such as abseiling, climbing and long walks are carried out. Likewise, in rainy season, the amount of water increases and a river forms that crosses the hill. Tepoztlán was named "Magical Town" in 2002, but lost the title in 2009 for not complying with the rules, particularly regarding the presence of street vendors. In 2010 Tepoztlán regained the category of Magical Town.