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Jiutepec del Señor de la Column is one of the municipalities in which the Mexican state of Morelos is divided. The name of "Jiutepec" is the Castilianization of the old name in Nahuatl of the population: Xiuhtepetl. In this regard the municipal chronicler Don Luis Gurza and Villarreal tells us that the name of Xiuhtepec, consists of three words that, according to the system used by indigenous people who speak this language, it is structured in the following way: "Xiuh" of Xihuitl, a word that has several meanings according to the elements, graphics and phonetics, with which it is combined.

For example, it can be turquoise, grass or grass, blue and also year and precious stones "Tepe" which is taken from Tepetl which means hill."C" which is the postponement used in Nahuatl as a suffix for the names ending in Tl, last two letters that are substituted with the letter C meaning "En", thus Tepec, means "On the hill". When the word nahuatl tepe ends in tl it is unlivable. When finished in c, ahem chapultepec is habitable. Therefore the word Xiuhtepec or Xiuhtepetl means: On the hill of precious stones. The glyph allows us to observe the "hill" and at its top the idea of ​​"precious stones". Jiutepec is one of the 33 municipalities that make up the State of Morelos and is located geographically between the parallels 18°53 'north latitude and 99°10' west longitude of the Greenwich Meridian, at a height of 1,350 meters above sea level. Sea. It has an area of ​​70.45 square kilometers, which represents 1.42% of the total area of ​​the State.

It borders on the north with the Municipalities of Tepoztlán and Cuernavaca, to the south with the Municipalities of Emiliano Zapata and Temixco. To the east with the Municipality of Yautepec and to the west with Cuernavaca and Temixco.