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Departamento de Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa is a department in the province of Catamarca in Argentina. The department has 1424 km². Its political center is Bañado de Ovanta. But its economic center of greater importance is the town of Los Altos. In which the main services are constituted. And on which other populations depend organically. The political limits of this Department are given to the North by the locality of Los Acostas, Las Jarillas, to Casa Santa. While for the South the limit is given by the divide with the Department El Alto.

By the East, the railway line determines the separation with Santiago del Estero, while in the West, the limit is given by the San Francisco River, to the town of Huacra, passes through Sumampa and ends at the point called La Capellanía. Administratively it is divided into 7 districts: Bañado de Ovanta, Puerta Grande, Los Altos, San Pedro, Manantiales, Las Cañas and Cortadera.