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Province of Jaén

Jaén is a Spanish province located northeast of the autonomous community of Andalusia, and south of the Iberian Peninsula. It is one of the historical «Four Kingdoms of Andalusia». It limits on the west with Córdoba, on the north, with Ciudad Real, on the east, with Albacete, and on the south, with Granada. Its capital is the city of Jaén. It was constituted as a province in the administrative division of 1833, conforming with the towns and cities of the Kingdom of Jaén plus some municipalities until then belonging to the Campo de Montiel, such as Beas, Chiclana and Montizón, and of the Kingdom of Murcia, the rest of the region of Sierra de Segura.

Administratively it is divided into 97 municipalities, grouped into 10 judicial parties. Its surface area is 14,496 km², occupying 2.67% of the national territory. It has a population of 638,099 inhabitants as of January 1,2018, of which about a third live in the capital and its metropolitan area. Noteworthy along with the capital, the cities of Linares,Úbeda and Andújar. In addition to Martos and Alcalá la Real. Also other cities such as Baeza, which together with Úbeda, stand out for its cultural heritage and history, or historical places such as La Carolina, where the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa took place, and Bailén, where the famous Battle of Bailén was fought, and in terms of its natural heritage, the four Natural Parks that the province has, including the second largest in Europe.

It is a province closely related to Iberian mythology and ancestral places. Jaén is a province that has a very high potential from the point of view of its numerous, rich and varied heritage. Monumental wealth, quality of environmental life, the Mediterranean olive forest, land of great interior beauty, may be some of the most defining features.