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Wales is a constituent nation of the United Kingdom and is located on a peninsula west of the island of Great Britain, where it borders on the east with England and on the west with the Irish and Celtic seas of the Atlantic Ocean. It has a total population of three million people and is a bilingual country, whose official languages ​​are Welsh and English. It is one of the Celtic nations and has its own cultural identity that was formed after the withdrawal of the Romans from Britain. The defeat of Llewelyn by Edward I in the thirteenth century concluded the Anglo-Norman conquest of Wales and marked the beginning of centuries of English occupation.

The country was incorporated into England through the Statute of Rhuddlan of 1284 and later by the Act of Union of 1536, creating the legal entity known today as England and Wales. In the 19th century, a local policy developed. In 1955 Cardiff was elected capital and in 1999 the National Assembly of Wales was created, which deals with internal matters. Your head of government is the chief minister. The capital and largest city is Cardiff, with 320,000 inhabitants. For a time it was the main coal port in the world and, for some years before the First World War, it had a more intense traffic than London or Liverpool, two thirds of the population live in South Wales, with another concentration in the West of North Wales. Since the nineteenth century the country has acquired a reputation as a folkloric place, which is partly due to the revival of the eisteddfod tradition.

After London, Cardiff is the largest communications center in the United Kingdom. In 1216 Llywelyn the Great founded the Principality of Wales. At the beginning of the 15th century, that is to say one hundred years after the English conquest, Owain Glyndwr briefly restored independence by defining the modern character of the country. Since the reign of Edward I of England, the British monarch has been granting the title of Prince of Wales to his heir to the throne.