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Guyana, whose official name is the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, is a country in the Americas, located on the north coast of South America, a member of Unasur, CELAC and an associate member of Mercosur. It limits to the north with the Atlantic Ocean, to the east with Surinam, to the west with Venezuela and Brazil, and to the south with Brazil. From 1831 to 1966 it constituted the colony called British Guiana. The most populous city is the country's capital, Georgetown. Approximately three quarters of the west of the country are claimed by Venezuela, specifically 159 542 km², which represents 74.21% of the territory, an area called by this as Guayana Esequiba.

Its other neighbor, Suriname, claims for itself a part of the eastern territory in the southeast of the country, specifically about 15 600 km² called the Tigri Region, which currently represents 7.26% of the country.