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Nepal, whose official name is the Democratic Federal Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked country in South Asia. Geographically it is located in the Himalayas, surrounded in the north by the People's Republic of China and in the south by India. It is separated from Bhutan by the Indian state of Sikkim, by the so-called Siliguri Corridor. It is a country of mountainous nature in whose territory there are, totally or partially, some of the highest peaks of the Earth, highlighting Mount Everest, as well as seven other of the so-called Ochomiles. The modern Nepalese nation is configured as such since the unification of the regions under the direction and influence of the Gurkha king Prithvi Narayan, on September 25,1768.

Until 2006 Nepal was the only state in the world with Hinduism as the official religion. Since the decline of the monarchy, the country has been transformed into a secular state. Its recent history has been marked by a bloody civil war that ended with the triumph of the Maoist rebels of the PCN-M, the establishment of a government of national unity and the convening of a Constituent Assembly. This last body proclaimed on May 28,2008 the establishment of a democratic federal republic, which ended more than 240 years of monarchy. Nepal is considered a multicultural, multilingual and secular state. Despite being a small state, compared to its huge neighbors, the country has a wide and diverse variety of territories, ranging from the humid wooded plains of the Terai, to the highest and iciest peaks of the earth.

The Nepali people are mainly Hindu, despite having an ancient and deep Buddhist tradition, centered in the town of Lumbini, birthplace of Siddharta Gautama. Much of the population is concentrated in the valley and the city of Kathmandu, which is the capital of the State. The official language is Nepalese, the official currency is the Nepalese rupee, and the flag has the peculiarity of being the only one of a State that does not have a rectangle or square shape.