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Castillo de Teayo

Castillo de Teayo is a municipality capital in Mexico. It is located in the municipality of Castillo de Teayo and the state of Veracruz, in the southeast of the country, 210 km northeast of the capital Mexico City. Castillo de Teayo is 107 meters above sea level and the number of residents is 4 267. The terrain around Castillo de Teayo is mainly flat, but to the southwest it is hilly. The highest point nearby is 303 meters above sea level, 2.3 km southwest of Castillo de Teayo. Around Castillo de Teayo, it is quite densely populated, with 179 inhabitants per square kilometer. The nearest larger community is Álamo, 18.6 km north of Castillo de Teayo.

The area around Castillo de Teayo consists mostly of agricultural land. The climate in the area is humid and subtropical. The average temperature in the neighborhood is 24°C. The hottest month is June, when the average temperature is 29°C, and the coldest is December, with 18°C. The average annual rainfall is 2,052 millimeters. The wettest month is September, with an average of 401 mm of precipitation, and the driest is March, with 49 mm of precipitation.