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Ozumba is one of the 125 municipalities in the state of Mexico, Mexico. It is located in the southeastern portion of the state, on the slopes of the Popocatépetl volcano. Bordered north with the municipality of Amecameca, east with the municipality of Atlautla, west with the municipality of Tepetlixpa and Juchitepec and south with the municipality of Yecapixtla, the state of Morelos.

It has an area of ​​49,213 square kilometers and is made up of the municipal capital that is Ozumba de Alzate and its delegations are San Vicente Chimalhuacán, San Mateo Tecalco, Santiago Mamalhuazuca, Tlacotitlán and Tlaltecoyan, as well as the Atempa and Actopan haciendas, their average altitude of 2,300 meters above sea level On January 31,2013, it was recognized by the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Mexico as "Charming Town". The geographical location of the municipality of Ozumba, is located in the southern portion of the east of the State of Mexico, and is located at 18°15'00 '' north latitude and 98°46'30 '' west latitude of the meridian of Greenwich. The municipal head is named Villa de Ozumba de Alzate in honor of the illustrious Mexican José Antonio Alzate who was born in the municipality. The geographical space presents the main geographical variables of the municipal territory. With respect to its geology, the municipality of Ozumba is closely linked to the majestic presence of the Sierra Nevada, with its most important morphological elements: the Iztaccíhuatl volcano and the Popocatépetl volcano.

The relief of the municipality is represented by small agricultural valleys, large areas damaged by ravines, a continuous lomerío and isolated hills. The total population, according to the 2010 Population and Housing Census, was 27,207 of which 13,077 men and 14,130 women.