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Departamento de La Capital

Capital is one of the 26 departments that make up the Province of Córdoba. It has the shape of a square of 24 km on each side and an area of ​​576 km². It is delimited to the north by the parallel 31º 18 '30 "S, to the east by the meridian 64º 03'27" W, to the south by the 31º 31º 30 "S parallel and to the west by the meridian 64º 18' 35" W It limits with the departments Columbus, to the north, and Santa Maria, to the south. The Suquía River crosses the department, from west to east.

Officially its only municipality is the city of Córdoba, but it maintains differences with the neighboring towns of Estación Juárez Celman, Saldán and Villa Allende that own part of their ejidos in the northwest corner of the same. The town of Jardines Arenales, which is located on the eastern edge of the Capital department, is conglomerated with Malvinas Argentinas, which belongs to the department of Colón, and is the only department in the province that is not subdivided into districts.