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Departamento de La Paz

The department of La Paz is one of the 16 departments that make up the Province of Catamarca, Argentina, located in the south-east of the province, 100 km from San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, 235 km from Córdoba and 940 km from Buenos Aires. With an area of ​​8,149 km² it is the fourth largest in the province, and with a population of 23,262 inhabitants and a density of 2.85 inhabitants / km² according to the 2010 national census, it is the fourth most populated. Its capital or largest city and capital is Recreo where most of the most concurrent industries and cultural events are concentrated.

Bordered on the north by the province of Santiago del Estero and the department of El Alto, to the west by the departments Ancasti and Capayàn, to the south by the provinces of La Rioja and Córdoba and to the east by the province of Santiago del Estero. Tourist highlights the city of Icaño, where you can take walks through its many tourist attractions and green spaces that convene on Sundays cultural, musicians, craftsmen, and regional foods. You can also practice fishing in the Motegasta Dyke. The capital city also stands out for its festivities and attractions. Catastrally it is divided into at least 13 districts: San Juli, Baviano, Quiros, Las Palmitas, San Antonio, Icaño, Motegasta, Ramplones, Santo Domingo, La Aguadita, Esquiú, Recreo, La Guardia.