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Cantón Bolívar

Bolívar is a canton located in the northeastern part of the province of Manabí, Ecuador. Bordered on the east by the canton Pichincha, on the south by the cantons Portoviejo and Junín, on the north by the cantons Tosagua and Chone. Its extension is approximately 600 km². Politically it is divided into an urban parish called Calceta, a city that is also its cantonal capital and two rural parishes: Quiroga and Membrillo. The economy of the Bolívar canton is based mainly on livestock, agriculture, fishing in La Esperanza Dam and service economy in Calceta.

Thanks to the implementation of Carrizal Chone Irrigation System in recent years, great expectations of agricultural development have been opened in the lower canton and in the entire adjacent area of ​​the Tosagua, Junín and Chone cantons that form part of the valley of the Carrizal and Chone rivers. The population of the canton, according to the 2010 Population and Housing Census, is 40,735 The cantonal capital has approximately 16,000 inhabitants. Schools and Colleges: Manabí Polytechnic School, Banks and Savings and Credit Cooperatives. In Quiroga is the school Wilfrido Loor Moreira. The party of cantonismo is the 13 of October and the supervisory celebrations of Calceta are the 28 of August.