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Cantón Gualaquiza

Gualaquiza is the southernmost canton of the twelve that make up the province of Morona Santiago, in Ecuador. Its head is the city of Gualaquiza. Bordered on the north by the San Juan Bosco canton, to the south by the province of Zamora Chinchipe, to the east by the Republic of Peru and to the west by the province of Azuay. It was created in 1944, as part of the province of Santiago Zamora. In 1953, it became part of the new province of Morona Santiago.

Tourist place since it is rich in flora and fauna, abundant in nature, charm in each part and architectural beauty, original cobbled streets of 1953, with a typical gastronomy of the place, tourist places such as Bomboiza, place of shuaras and native crafts of the same ancestral culture, natural spas as the ideal, among others of utmost importance of the canton, is commercial and a source of capitalization is tourism and its handicrafts, helped by trade.