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Cantón Piñas

Piñas is a canton of the Province of El Oro located southwest of Ecuador. It limits with the cantons: Balsas, Marcabelí, Arenillas, Santa Rosa, Atahualpa, Zaruma, and Portovelo belonging to its same province. And it also borders the Province of Loja. The head of the canton is the city of Piñas: they share the nickname "La Orquídea de los Andes" because of the great variety of wild orchids found in this region of southern Ecuador. It has a population of 25,988 inhabitants of which approximately 15517 are in the urban area. Its activities are mainly commercial and tourist, it has an ecological reserve, spas, great diversity of flora and fauna.

Its climate is temperate and humid, being varied: being able in some low areas to be clear and hot. But in high areas, cloudy and cool. It goes approximately from 16 to 32ºC with an average humidity of 71.5%. The average wind speed is 5.6 m / s.