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Cantón Pujilí

The Pujilí canton is an Ecuadorian subnational territorial entity, of the Cotopaxi Province. Its cantonal head is the city of Pujilí, place where a large part of its total population is grouped. The cantonal head is located at 2,961 meters above sea level, on the slopes of Mount Sinchahuasín. It was founded in 1657. The canton has several climates: temperate in its urban area, cold in the high regions and warm in subtropical areas. The canton has an area of ​​1,305 km2. The cantonization took place on October 14,1852. Etymologically, Pujilí in Quichua means inn of toys.

In the surroundings of the city, a place inhabited before the arrival of the Spaniards, continues with its pottery tradition of the first order, among other things, glazed tiles of different colors are produced. According to the Integrated System of Social Indicators of Ecuador, SIISE, poverty for unsatisfied basic needs, reaches 87.8% of the total population of the canton. The economically active population reaches 22,181 inhabitants.