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Cantón Rocafuerte

Rocafuerte is a city in Ecuador, cantonal capital of the homonymous canton of Rocafuerte, in the western part of the Ecuadorian territory. On September 30,1852, it was elevated to the canton category, with the name of Rocafuerte, according to a legislative decree signed in Guayaquil, when it was president of the Pedro Moncayo Assembly and supreme commander, José María Urbina. In the city there are the main institutions and organizations of the Rocafuerte town hall. It has an area of ​​280.4 Km² and is a prosperous territory where the best sweets are produced in the province of Manabí, where more than 300 varieties are prepared. The fame of the sweets is legendary and its flavor unmistakable.

The alfajores, bocadillos, dulce de fig, guineo, sweet potato, eggnog and other delicacies have saved frontiers, this through the Ecuadorians abroad.