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Cantón Salcedo

Salcedo canton is an Ecuadorian subnational territorial entity, of the Cotopaxi Province. Its cantonal head is the city of Salcedo, place where a large part of its total population is grouped. It was cantonized on September 19,1919. Its name is in honor of the orator Manuel Antonio Salcedo and Legorburú, priest. According to the Integrated System of Social Indicators of Ecuador, poverty for unsatisfied basic needs reaches 87.8% of the total population of the canton. The economically active population is estimated at 22,181 inhabitants.

Land of Panzaleos, indomitable and bloodthirsty people who for many years stopped the invasion of Tupac-Yupanqui towards the Kingdom of Quito, led by Pillahuasu, to the old age of the Incas achieved their goal led by Huina-Capac, which consolidate it with a series of marriages among them that of Hati a close relative of the Inca Huina-Capac with Shuasanguil daughter of the chief Pillahuasu. On September 29,1573 it was definitely and formally founded by Cap. Antonio de Clavijo with the name of San Miguel de Molleambato. It took 343 years for the Decree to create the Canton to be issued on September 19,1919 in the administration of Dr. Alfredo Baquerizo Moreno, with the name of San Miguel de Salcedo in honor of Prince San Miguel.