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Departamento de Concepción

Concepción is a department of the province of Corrientes, in the northeast of Argentina, that occupies 5124 km² in the center-north region of the province. The inhabited area of ​​the department is concentrated in its northwest section. The remaining section is occupied mainly by the natural reserve of the Iberá estuaries. The largest of the conservation units created to alleviate the ecological damage caused by the Yacyretá dam in the neighboring department of Ituzaingó is housed in that area. The geography of the area is low and uniformly humid, even outside the area of ​​estuaries in large areas. The density of vegetation makes it very difficult to access certain regions of the department.

The traditional name is not so much due to the effective presence of jaguars - of which, however, it was one of the last inhabited nuclei in Argentina - as to the frequent recourse of the outlaws to it to escape legal persecution. The capital of the department is the homonymous Concepción del Yaguareté Corá. Along with her, Tabay and Colonia Santa Rosa are the main population centers of the area. According to the 2010 census, 211 113 people lived in the department, almost half of them in rural areas.