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Province of Zamora

Zamora is a Spanish province located in the northwest of the autonomous community of Castilla y León, whose capital and most populated city is Zamora. It has an extension of 10 561 km², which represents 2.1% of the surface of Spain, and is located between the parallels 41º 8'and 42º 15' of north latitude and the meridians 5º 15'y 7º 02' of longitude west, based on the Greenwich meridian. On January 1,2018 it had a total population of 174 549. It borders on the north with the province of León, on the east with the province of Valladolid, on the south with Salamanca, and on the west with Portugal and with Galicia at the height of the province of Orense.

The province has 520 population centers, grouped into 248 municipalities, of which more than half have less than 300 inhabitants, seventeen of them have more than 1000 inhabitants and only Benavente, Toro and Zamora capital have more than 5,000 inhabitants. As such, it was constituted in the territorial division of Spain in 1833, after the reforms carried out by Javier de Burgos, forming part, although without administrative operation, of the Leon region, divided into 248 municipalities, grouped into five parties. Judicial: Toro, Zamora, Benavente, Sanabria and Villalpando.