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Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (CABA)

The communes of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires are the administrative units into which the CABA has to be divided according to the Organic Law 1777 of 2005, approved unanimously by the Legislature on September 1 of that year. The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires is divided territorially and administratively into fifteen communes. The communes are the units of political and administrative decentralized management of the City, have territorial jurisdiction, of the heritage of their territory and with their own legal status. They also fulfill an electoral function when electing communal and national officials, replacing the old electoral sections. They also group the official neighborhoods of the city.

They were established in 1996, when sanctioned the Constitution of the City of Buenos Aires, regulated in 2005 through Law 1777 and its limits set in 2008 by Law 2650. The elections scheduled for the communal boards, which must be integrated by seven members each, were held for the first time on June 10,2011, being thereafter carried out every 4 years, as national elections.