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La Maná

La Maná, is one of the seven cantons of the Province of Cotopaxi, Ecuador. It has a total area of ​​66,258 hectares. It is the sixth canton of the province of Cotopaxi. The Manna was an enclosure that belonged to the El Tingo parish of the Pujilí canton for several years but due to its growth and development the inhabitants organized a pro-parochialization committee looking for a better future for their town until they finally achieved the cantonization of La Maná, thanks to the tenacious management of patriotic and determined men.

Its immense forests, its gigantic banana plantations, orito, yucca, cocoa, tobacco and coffee, as well as its strategic geographical location and its auriferous wealth, confer special characteristics that favor its development and give it a leading role in the economy of Ecuador. This young city is home to human groups of diverse origin, both mountain and coastal live in La Maná forming a single town where the cultural manifestations of all of them have merged, giving rise to a population immensely rich in folk traditions.