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Mendoza, officially Province of Mendoza is one of the 23 provinces that exist in the Argentine Republic. In turn, it is one of the 24 self-governing states or jurisdictions of the first order that make up the country, and one of the 24 national legislative electoral districts, its capital is the homonymous Mendoza. It is located to the southwest of the region of Nuevo Cuyo, in the west of the country, bounded on the north by San Juan, on the east by the Desaguadero River that separates it from San Luis, on the southeast by the Province of La Pampa, on the south by Neuquén and to the west with Chile, whose limit is determined by the watershed of the Andes mountain range.

The boundaries of the provinces of La Pampa, Río Negro, Mendoza and Neuquén, are at a point, at the intersection of the Colorado River with the meridian. With 1 739 000 inhabitants. In 2010 it is the fifth most populous jurisdiction of first order - behind the Province of Buenos Aires, the Province of Córdoba, the Province of Santa Fe and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. With 148 827 km² it is the seventh largest, behind the Province of Buenos Aires, Santa Cruz, Chubut, Río Negro, the Province of Córdoba and Salta.