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La Libertad

La Libertad is one of the 24 departments that, together with the constitutional province of Callao, make up the Republic of Peru. Its capital and most populated city is Trujillo. It is located in the Northwest of the country and borders on the North with the department of Lambayeque, the department of Cajamarca and the department of Amazonas. On the East with the Department of San Martín, on the Southeast with the department of Huánuco, on the South with the department of Áncash and on the West with the Pacific Ocean. Its population according to the 2017 census was Con 1 859 640 hab.

According to the 2017 census, it is one of the most populated departments - behind that of Lima - and with 63.4 inhabitants / km², the third most densely populated, behind Lima and Lambayeque. It was created as a department on February 12,1821. La Libertad was the territory of several important civilizations of ancient Peru. Towards the 1st century a. C. The Moche culture, famous for its ceramic art, emerged on the coast, and in the Sierra, the Cajamarca culture. The department knew the Huari influence and in the Late Intermediate it knew the expansion of the Chimú Empire by all the North coast and the influence in the high zones of the kingdom of Huamachuco, in turn related to the northernmost of Cuismanco. This department was later annexed to the Inca Empire and then to the Spanish crown.

In those times of Spanish colonization, the city of Trujillo was founded, which exercised great influence in the north of the country as administrative headquarters of political and ecclesiastical importance. In the Republic, the coast of La Libertad was the seat of the most important sugar mills in the country, destroyed and burned by the Lynch Expedition. Also the Pacific War ended in La Libertad with the Battle of Huamachuco in 1883.