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Chepén is a Peruvian city, which belongs to the La Libertad Region, and is the capital of the Province of Chepén, the city is better known as "The Blessed Pearl of the North," and it is also called the Pearl of the North, because in its territory Rice is harvested, mainly. It is located on the side of the Pan-American Highway about 130 km from the city of Trujillo. Its inhabitants are known by the gentile Chepenanos. It has an estimated population of 45 897 inhabitants for the year 2015. There are numerous interprovincial bus companies that arrive in said city, on the north from Chiclayo, the nearest large city, on the east from Cajamarca and on the south from Trujillo or Lime.

It has four seasons. Thanks to the Gallito Ciego reservoir, it is a productive place for rice and sugar cane and fruit plants, especially with a variety of mango.