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Caquetá is one of the thirty-two departments that, together with Bogotá, Distrito Capital, form the Republic of Colombia. Its capital is Florence. It is located in the south of the country, in the Amazonia region, bounded on the north by Meta and Guaviare, on the northeast by Vaupés, on the south by Amazonas and Putumayo, and on the west by Cauca and Huila. With 88 965 km² it is the third most extensive department -behind Amazonas and Vichada- and with 5.37 hab / km², the sixth least densely populated, ahead of Guaviare, Vaupés, Amazonas, Vichada and Guainía, the least densely populated.

The Caquetá region begins at the foot of the Andean mountain and ends at the escarpments of Araracuara, in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. Large rivers bathe the territory, all tributaries of the Caquetá River, which serves as a limit for the south. Between these rivers they emphasize the Ajajú or Apaporis, the Yarí, the Caguán and the Orteguaza, navigable by smaller boats. With the exception of the populations that are located in the bases of the mountain range, and a few indigenous small villages in the margins of the great rivers, the rest of the territory is practically uninhabited and covered with thick humid tropical forest, with a temperature between 27th and 29th.