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Alta Verapaz

Alta Verapaz is a department located in the north of Guatemala, about 200 km from Guatemala City. It limits to the north with Petén. To the east with Izabal. To the south with Zacapa, El Progreso and Baja Verapaz. And to the west with El Quiché. Its head is Cobán. It is the second most populated department of Guatemala with its 1 819 781 inhabitants. Approximately. It is one of the richest departments in nature of Guatemala: among its wonders are the natural pools of Semuc Champey in the Cahabón River discovered by the famous Guatemalan writer Francisco Oswaldo Reyes Narciso. The caves of Candelaria, King Marcos and Lanquín. And its humid forests.

In its historic-artistic heritage, there are 64 archaeological sites corresponding to the Mayan period and some unique religious buildings from the colonial period, especially in Cobán, San Juan Chamelco and San Pedro Carchá. Both his name and that of the department of Baja Verapaz allude to the true peace with which these territories were incorporated into the Crown of Castile and evangelized without military action, after the natives offered in the first instance a fierce resistance against the conquering troops. In addition to Spanish, the Q'eqchi, the Poqomchi and the Achi language are spoken in the region.