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Escuintla is the name of a department in Guatemala, located in the center-south of the country. It has a territorial extension of 4384 km². Its departmental capital - of the same name - is the third largest and most important city in the country with an approximate population of 162,000 inhabitants. Other important cities in Escuintla are: Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa, Tiquisate, Puerto San José and Nueva Concepción, next to Puerto Quetzal. The Escuintla department has a tropical climate. It is a region with many large farms. Escuintla is bathed by the waters of the Pacific. Its name comes etymologically from Itzcuintlan which means land of dogs, by the confusion of the Spanish conquerors, among dogs and tepezcuintles, autochthonous and abundant in the region.