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Guatemala, officially called the Department of Guatemala, commonly called Guate, is one of the 22 departments of the Republic of Guatemala. Its head, most populated city and capital of the country is Guatemala City, its territorial extension is 2,253 km². The Department of Guatemala also called the Metropolitan Area of ​​Guatemala has a population of 5,103,685, which makes it the most densely populated department in Guatemala and the largest metropolis in Central America. The Department of Guatemala is considered as the most important region of the country, this because within the region are the three powers of the State of Guatemala where the entire nation is controlled. The department was created by a decree of the State Constituent Assembly on November 4,1825.

At that time, the Republic was divided into 7 departments and founded the capital in Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción. It is the largest financial and commercial center of the Republic of Guatemala, as well as its largest industrial center. The Department of Guatemala has 17 Municipalities being the largest in terms of population, commerce and industry in Guatemala City, followed by the Cities of Mixco and Villa Nueva.