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Belize is a sovereign country of America located in the far northeast of Central America whose form of government is the parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The capital is the city of Belmopan and the most populated city is the City of Belize, former capital until the year 1970 when the destruction caused by Hurricane Hattie forced the government to move the capital to the then planned community of Belmopan, founded in 1960 . It limits to the north with Mexico and to the south and west with Guatemala.

The Gulf of Honduras separates it from the homonymous country, which is why it was formerly known as British Honduras, until its independence in 1973, when it acquired the current name for the city of Belize, in turn named by the Belize River. Belize has an area of ​​22 800 km2 and a population of 387 879 inhabitants. It has the lowest population and density in Central America, with an annual population growth of 1.87% in 2015, the second highest in the region and the highest in the entire Western Hemisphere. Although the predominant languages ​​are Spanish and Belizean Creole, Belize is the only country in Central America where the official language is English, although only 62.9% of the population spoke it compared to 56.6% of the population speaks Spanish, 44.6% who speaks Belizean Creole and 10.5% who speaks Mayan Belize shares a common past not only with the countries of Central America, but also with the Caribbean.

It is part of the Caricom and the Central American Integration System.