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Departamento de Tafí del Valle

Tafí del Valle is a department located in the northwest of the province of Tucumán. Bordered on the north by the province of Salta, to the east by the departments Trancas, Tafí Viejo, Lules and Famaillá, to the south by the department of Monteros, and to the west by the province of Catamarca. The relief is practically mountainous in its totality with the presence of two great valleys, the Valley of Tafí and the one of the Yocavil, this last one belonging to the denominated set Valles Calchaquíes.

Five of the most important tourist destinations in the province are located in its territory: Tafí del Valle, El Mollar, the Ruins of Quilmes, part of the Aconquija National Park and the entire Los Menhires Archaeological Reserve.