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The scientific term breast is used to designate the lateral anterosuperior region of the human female trunk, of other primates and other mammals such as the elephant, and of the anterocaudal region overexposed to the pelvis for other mammalian species, and encompasses, in all mammals, the content of the mammary gland and the milk ducts used for breastfeeding. In human anatomy, the breasts develop in a pair, correlative to the area previously described for the human being, while in other mammals the number is doubled in the region described above.

Its structure is generally asymmetric - the left is larger than the right in most cases, and the opposite is very rare - and are located under the skin in the thorax of all individuals of the human species. It is very common to use the euphemism and pseudo-cultism "breasts" as a synonym of breasts. However, the term is imprecise: the word "breast", applied to the breast, corresponds in reality to the space that is located between the breasts. In colloquial Spanish, human breasts are often called "tits" or "breasts," among many other names. In the case of other mammals, some terms more specifically referring to humans are not used, such as "breasts", but other names are added, such as "udders". Male mammals also have breasts, although these are not fully developed. They tend to develop, however, as a consequence of different congenital diseases, such as pseudohermaphroditism.