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Dzilam González is one of the 106 municipalities of Yucatan, Mexico, located in the northern central region of the Yucatan peninsula, with a homonymous head. It borders with the municipalities of: to the north, Dzilam de Bravo, to the east of Buctzotz, to the west with Dzidzantún and to the south with Temax. In the prehispanic era this region belonged to the chiefdom that lived in the cheles, Ah Kin Chel. After the conquest of Yucatan, it remained under the regime of the encomiendas - from where it is estimated that it takes the name "González", in reference to the first encomendero of the place: Don Luis González de Alba, from Extremadura, without this belief being founded-, those that prevail throughout the colonial era.

In 1544 Francisco de Montejo,"The Adelantado", founded in the head of this municipality the second royal city of the Yucatan peninsula. The development of the municipality proper and of the region as a whole begins in 1821 when Yucatan declares itself independent of the Spanish crown.