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Tres Valles

Tres Valles is a town and municipality of the Mexican state of Veracruz, declared a free municipality by decree on November 25,1988. It is located in the lower basin of Papaloapan, adjacent to the state of Oaxaca and the municipalities of Tierra Blanca and Cosamaloapan. It has a solvent economy, based on agriculture and agro-industry, among others. Agriculture is the main source of income, particularly the cultivation of sugarcane. Although rice, corn, beans, pineapple and sorghum are also planted, there are large sowings of mango, which promotes the commercialization of this fruit in season.

Initially an area of ​​Olmec domain, then Totonaca, until the conquest of the Aztecs, and in the colony was located between the jurisdictions of Puctlancingo and Cosamaloapan until the disappearance of the first. The origin of the population occurs with the laying of the railroad network, possibly around 1900 in what was the seventh camp of the workers of the Veracruz to the Pacific railroad. With an extension of 378.1 km2, a maximum altitude of 50 masl and a minimum of 10, it is located in the Papaloapan region, between 96°01 'and 96°18' west of the Greenwich meridian and between 18°10 ' and 18 25 'of north latitude, delimited in its majority by water courses, like the Tonto river, Amapa, Hondo and the streams Mongogo Coapilla, Coyote, Zapote and Jobo, being the main affluent the Tonto, that in addition serves as supply for the main industries located in municipal territory.