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Veracruz is a municipality and the largest and most important city in the state of Veracruz in Ignacio de la Llave, as well as the central city that gives its name to the urban area known as the Metropolitan Zone of Veracruz. It has the most important commercial seaport in Mexico. With a population of 552,156 inhabitants for 2010. It is located 90 km away from the state capital Xalapa and 400 km away from Mexico City. It borders to the north with the municipality of La Antigua and the Gulf of Mexico. To the south with the municipalities of Medellín and Boca del Río.

To the east with the Gulf of Mexico and to the west with the municipalities of Manlio Fabio Altamirano and Paso de Ovejas. Its climate is tropical warm, with an average annual temperature of 25.3°C and an average annual rainfall of 1500 mm. Historically, this city and port stands out for having been founded by Hernán Cortés, being in the region through which the Spaniards disembarked to undertake the conquest of Tenochtitlan. He has also received the appointment of Cuatro veces heroica by presidential decree, as a result of having faced four different foreign invasions.