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The municipality of Tlalixcoyan is located in the southern area of ​​the Mexican state of Veracruz, in the region called Sotavento. It is one of the 212 municipalities of the entity. It is located at the coordinates 18°48'11.27 "N 96°3'39.67" W and has a height of 10 masl. The municipality is made up of 264 localities in which 35,442 people live. It is a municipality categorized as semi-urban. Place names. Chinanteco means "EARTH EMERGE ON THE SURFACE OR FAZ OF THE EARTH". The municipality of Tlalixcoyan celebrates its traditional festivities in honor of the patron saint of the town from August 1 to 15 and also celebrate its carnival in the month of March, after Holy Week.

One of his most famous events is a traditional livestock festival in the month of September.