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José Azueta

The municipality of José Azueta is located in the southern area of ​​the State of Veracruz, in the so-called Papaloapan Region. It is one of the 212 municipalities of the entity. It is located at the coordinates 18°4'27.8 "N 95°42'29.1" W and has a height of 10 masl. The municipality comprises 148 localities in which 22,920 people live. It is a municipality categorized as semi-urban. Its limits are: North: Tlacotalpan and Amatitlán. South: Vicente Beach. East: Island. West: Chacaltianguis, Cosamaloapan and the State of Oaxaca. José Azueta has a mainly tropical climate with rain almost all year round.

The municipality of José Azueta celebrates its traditional festivities in Holy Week, after which it celebrates its traditional carnival, and finally in November, the festivities of Cristo Rey are celebrated.