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Tecolutla is a city in the Mexican state of Veracruz. The city is the administrative seat of Tecolutla and has about 4,500 inhabitants. Tecolutla is located at the mouth of the Río Tecolutla in the Gulf of Mexico in the Bahía de Campeche. Tecolutla is located 191 km north of Veracruz on the National Road 180. About 30 km to the west is the UNESCO World Heritage El Tajín. The oil city Poza Rica is about 50 km further. The name of the city means "place of owls". Tecolutla is known for its beaches, mangroves and fishing grounds, but also for the endangered turtle species. The beaches are located at the northern end of the Costa Esmeralda, which dates from Vera Cruz.

A fishing tournament for catching tarpons takes place every year in May. The Eye of Hurricane Dean reached the mainland in 2007 near this city.