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Río Blanco is a municipality of Veracruz, located in the region of the mountains. At 1300 meters above sea level. Its coordinates are 18°51 "latitude north and 97 09°west longitude, it has a territorial surface of 15.2 km² and a population density of 2,669.8 inhabitants / km² in 2010. The municipal seat is conurbated with Orizaba and Nogales, forming a thick corridor It borders to the north with Ixhuatlancillo, to the east with Orizaba, to the south with Huiloapan de Cuauhtémoc and to the west with Nogales.

Its historical importance gravitates around the labor movement of 1906-1907, which culminated in a strike of the workers of the factory Textiles, which demanded better working conditions, under the instructions of President Porfirio Diaz, General Rosalino Martínez bloodily suppressed the movement with hundreds of deaths, events known as the White River Strike and which are considered as one of the antecedents of the Mexican Revolution.